3 Reasons to Never Use Pull ups

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No matter how apprehensive a parent you are, you do not put a pull-up on your child at the time of house potty training.

Pull-ups delay potty training success: Handling messes is not a big deal. A pull up is a sort of diaper with much less soaking capacity. If a child is granted its comfort, they will conveniently use it! It will be confusing for a child with pull ups on to decide whether to use the potty seat or a diaper again. Pull ups like diapers soak the wetness, due to which it usually doesn’t bother a child. Making a child wear a cloth diaper holds the wetness close to their skin, causing them to feel uncomfortable, and hence, is an incentive to use the potty. That’s the reason toddlers who wear cloth diapers generally potty train sooner.

baby sittingSkin problems: Polypropylene which is used in manufacturing disposable diapers’ waistband, usually causes skin irritation, skin rashes and triggers allergies for many babies. Also, another component Sodium Polyacrylate dust is known as an eye and lung irritant. However, the pull ups designed for sensitive skin more often than not leak.

Expenditure: Cost is the major factor to be considered while choosing between a disposable pull-up and a regular underwear. For some kids, pull-ups are more of a hassle than they are worth. They treat them like a diaper and do not use the potty seat. Pull-up pants cost much more than baby diapers so they can be relatively quite expensive compared to a few pairs of cotton underwear.

Hence, direct transition from diapers to cloth diaper or regular underwear in order to facilitate potty training is widely found to be an ideal approach.
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