3 Ways To Tell Your Teacher Thank You

lady holding a child
Teachers are with your child Monday – Friday 8 hours or more a day. They are a huge part of your child’s day. Here are some ways to show your appreciation and say thank you.

  1. A Thank You Card : A card is a personal heartfelt thank you. Have your child write out all the things they are thankful for and what they love about their teacher.
    thank card
  2. Homemade project: Work with your sons and daughters and help them create a nice arts and crafts project that their teacher can put on display in their classroom.
  3. Store bought gift: You can also have your child think of something sweet to buy their teacher. That she can use at home or at a school like in the picture below.

Here at Akeba Academy we know are teachers work as hard as they do because they love these children as if they were their own. If you are looking for staff that will love and care for your child give us a call today at 912-289-2725.

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