5 Tips To Keeping Your Married Life Interesting With Young Children

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Hello Parent’s!
It’s Andrea Dickerson here, Founder and CEO of Akeba Academy and The Rock School Age Center. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur I know how challenging it can be to keep your marriage interesting and full of life.The purpose of this blog entry is to inspire you and to encourage you to keep it interesting although you have young children. It’s very important that you know that we’ve used these ideas below to help us to stay together and stay strong.

Keeping the romance alive even after getting married is really important to spice up your married life. And, this becomes a bit challenging, when you have kids. Therefore, you must find creative ways in order to maintain that oomph factor in your relationship while you have children.


There are a lot of ways that will guide you to instill that spark in your married life with children. Here are few of them:

1. Read your favorite book together

If both of share a similar hobby – Reading, this can be one of the most fascinating date night ideas for you. After putting off your kids to sleep, cuddle up with your spouse and read a book which you both love reading. For more fun, keep aside something sweet or snacks to savor while you read.

1. Work out together

This can be great way to spend time together when your kids are not around. This can be so much fun! Also, it would work great to de-stress yourself.

1. Play a game

Play a board game, when you don’t want to leave your kids and go out. Board games are the best way to connect with each other. To add more fun, have a drink or snacks while you enjoy playing.

1. Have a romantic conversation

Once you have out your kids to bed at night, simply cuddle up with each other and talk. This can be the most amazing date nights when you wish to spend some quality time with each other.

1. Shop for each other

Take a short shopping trip to your nearby gift store, and shop for your spouse. This could be real fun, as you would both wait and expect something from each other while not letting the excitement drown.

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