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How to keep your Date Night with Young Children

If you have small children, date night can be the best option for you to maintain your married life. This is important to keep up the spark in your relationship so that your married life won’t turn boring once you have kids. Here are few date night ideas that you can try at least once … Continue reading

5 Tips To Keeping Your Married Life Interesting With Young Children

Hello Parent’s! It’s Andrea Dickerson here, Founder and CEO of Akeba Academy and The Rock School Age Center. As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur I know how challenging it can be to keep your marriage interesting and full of life.The purpose of this blog entry is to inspire you and to encourage you to … Continue reading

How to Encourage Handwriting at Home

Handwriting for us at Akeba Academy begins in our toddler classrooms and it continues through out the program. As your chid’s age increases so will their exposure to our writing curriculum and expectations . Pre-writing skills are apart of a child’s early emerging literacy skills. At Akeba Academy the goal is not to have perfect … Continue reading

5 Tips For Preschool Writing At Home Made Easy

It is very important for your kids to develop good handwriting skills so that they won’t find it difficult in higher classes while doing their assignments. Though, it is a computer-centric time, still it is important for your child to develop good and readable handwriting. Handwriting skills are really valuable as at some places it … Continue reading

How To Find The Right Daycare

Finding the right Daycare center is one of the most crucial decisions, which makes it a daunting and time consuming task faced by a parent. The different options of daycare facilities available to parents can be overwhelming and consuming particularly for first time parents. At our main aim is to provide families remarkable and … Continue reading

Your Child’s Day Care Backpack

Transitioning from having your infant at home to packing him or her up for day care is stressful enough without worrying about forgetting to stuff something essential. It’s advisable to label each and everything starting from underwear to diaper cream, as well as blankets and stuffed animals, since so many children bring the same items. … Continue reading