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Encouraging Language development

Every child has a different growth and development rate. Hence, there are various aspects attributed to be normal in a child’s language development. General strategies to encourage language development: Use meaningful language and activities: Follow your child’s activities as much as you can; and advice and comment about the interests or pursuits they are indulging … Continue reading

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Teaching Children to Tie Their Shoes

Many parents believe teaching their kids to tie their shoe laces was one of the most difficult things to teach ever. However, being able to tie one’s own shoe laces is considered to be a milestone that a child should become proficient by the age of 5 or 6 years. Hence, we have listed a … Continue reading

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The Excitement of Pre School Graduation

The excitement of a child’s pre-school graduation is something only the parents can feel. And this excitement keeps growing as the day of their graduation comes closer. There are a lot of reasons why parents feel this euphoria when their kids are about to graduate from pre-school. If you are not a parent, you will … Continue reading

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How Helping Your Child With Routines Will Increase Potty Training Success

Parenting involves teaching children good habits and certain duties of everyday life. This involves a lot of things from helping them brush their own teeth to putting on clothes. Among these routines, you will also need to potty train your child, so that they will eventually stop using diapers and start wearing underpants! The only … Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Diaper Rash

You may not always know the reason behind your baby being uncomfortable and we know how mad that makes you. But when you discover little red bumps or see blotchy red skin on your baby’s sweet bottom then you’re bound to freak out a little. But don’t worry; a diaper rash is pretty much part … Continue reading

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Math Games to Start Your Preschoolers With Early Learning

Using math games is the best way in which you can start off your preschooler with early learning. However, you cannot use conventional methods of teaching your preschooler math. They will not be able to grab hold of the concepts if you are not creative in the way you teach them math. You will first … Continue reading

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