Fun Activities To Do With Infants And Toddlers During Thanksgiving

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Each year on the fourth Thursday in November, families gather together to celebrate the goodness and the blessings they receive. Most importantly, it’s a holiday about everything we are thankful for. It’s a great joy to be around family and friends during this time. Children may not know what Thanksgiving is all about so as parents it’s our job to involve them in the holiday festivities.

Here’s how,

  • Create a list of kind things they can do for others during the month of November

    acts of kindness

  • Do small arts and craft activities. Where they can say everything they are thankful for

    thankful turkey opt 0

Here at Akeba Academy we had our infants and toddlers create turkeys for their hand prints, we made Indian hats, and made fall leaves. We are thankful for all of our parents who have enrolled their children in our center. We have been blessed with the opportunity to teach and share the goodness with the most lovable kids. If you know anyone looking for a childcare provider we would be more than happy to serve them. Register online HERE or call now at 912-289-2725 and receive 20% off.


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