How Helping Your Child With Routines Will Increase Potty Training Success

teaching kids routine
Parenting involves teaching children good habits and certain duties of everyday life. This involves a lot of things from helping them brush their own teeth to putting on clothes. Among these routines, you will also need to potty train your child, so that they will eventually stop using diapers and start wearing underpants! The only way your child can pick up this habit of using the potty, is if you help your child with all the other daily routines like the ones we mentioned before. Here are a few reasons why helping your child with routines will increase potty training success.

teaching kis routines1. They will follow instructions:

Showing your child how to use a toothbrush and instructing them on how to behave wheteaching kis routinesn they eat will teach them to follow instrucions, as they will understand that what you are telling them is for their own good. So when the time comes to potty train your child, they will follow your instruction on how to sit on the potty and remain there until they finish.

2. They ask you for guidance and help:

A child will naturally come to their parents first for help and guidance. So even if they want to go to the bathroom they will first come to you. You can accompany them to the loo and be with them until they finish their job. Your support and encouragement will only increase potty training success.

3. Your kids will trust you!

By helping your small kids with their daily routines, you will show them that you truly know what the right thing to do is. Be it talking, eating and yes, even pooping! When you help your kids inculcate good values and make them understand the importance of those values, they will trust your judgment. This will do wonders in your attempts to potty train them.

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