How to Care for Infants at home

lady holding her baby
Infants require a lot of care and attention. Sometimes, providing that proper care as an inexperienced parent or caregiver can seem overwhelming. Take a deep breath, it gets less stressful and easier once you have the knowledge about your infant’s habits and basic needs, and know how to provide for them.
Eating is an infant’s favorite way to spend their awake-time. A newborns’ fast growth is supported and sustained by consuming milk, either it needs to be breast fed or bottle fed.

Cleaning up diapers: Every newborn should have about 8-12 wet or dirty diapers a day through the first six weeks of life. After about six to eight weeks it should decrease to between 4-6 wet diapers a day.

babyBathing an infant: Since most newborn babies do not crawl around in dirt or on the floor, bathing is not necessary to everyday care. However, you can give your infant a wipe (in underarms, diaper area, under chin and neck folds) to keep the baby clean and sanitary.

Umbilical cord care is an important task with newborns. 3-4 times in a day use a cotton swab to cleanse the area around the umbilical cord. Do not pull or tug the umbilical cord as this could force it to break off before it has dried up or healed into a belly button. Unusual blood discharge or pus may indicate an infection or tear.

Toys do not form an important part of a newborn baby as they are not able to see far off things and possess little or no interest in anything besides people and faces. However, contrasting soft toys like a black and white with some red on it can be used to play with them.

Infant massage and bonding: As a parent you should rub your baby with lotion in order to want to make the baby feel safe, and loved. Also, hold your bare-skinned baby up against your bare skin. This contact reassures a newborn baby, that he/she is in constant presence and contact of another human being.

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