How to Encourage Handwriting at Home

Handwriting for us at Akeba Academy begins in our toddler classrooms and it continues through out the program. As your chid’s age increases so will their exposure to our writing curriculum and expectations . Pre-writing skills are apart of a child’s early emerging literacy skills. At Akeba Academy the goal is not to have perfect writing instead the goal is to provide young children with opportunities to practice hand-eye coordination and small-muscle skills needed to e able to write.

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In this tech-savvy world, handwriting skills are deteriorating day by day. This is visible especially in small kids. Kids are drifting away from the handwriting activities due to the popularity of desktops. Therefore, hand-writing skills are valuable. Here are some tips that you should try to encourage your kid’s handwriting at home.

1. Varieties of pencil grips

Provide your child with a variety of pencil grips or writing implements in order to check which grip reduces fatigue. Using a good grip can really reduce fatigue and provide comfort while avoiding muscle cramps. This will automatically improve your child’s handwriting to a great extent.

2. Make them practice

It is rightly said – ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Make your children practice as much as they can. If kids don’t keep on practicing it, they won’t learn it. You can get free practicing materials to make your kids learn.

3. Motivate your kid

Encourage your child by mentioning his/her dream vocation, and say if they want to achieve it, they would have to make their handwriting better. This will motivate your children to improve their handwriting while making it legible and readable.

4. Become a role model

Write notes in front of your kids, and be a role model for them. Show them that you value handwriting, and why it is an important part of their life.

5. Choose a winner

Select one day in a week as activity day. Tell your child to write down whatever he/she likes on small chits of paper and put them in a jar. You can suggest them ideas like watching a movie, games, or whatever they like. Whenever it’s time, tell your kid to choose one piece of paper and add another one so that the jar keeps full.

If you follow these tips, you can certainly improve your child’s handwriting at home. Working with your child at home and having them in a childcare program that exposes them to writing opportunities and standards will help the development of your child overall. Give us a call at Akeba Academy to find out more about our learning programs now at 912-289-2725.

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