What To Expect From Toddlers Who Are Transitioning?

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Seems like you just got comfortable with your child’s teachers in the infant care classroom and you find out it is time to think about moving up to toddler care. Whenever this transition happens, it may feel as stressful to us, as parents as it might to our children.

Here are some tips for transitioning into toddler care

Ask to meet your toddler’s new teachers to help build healthy parent-teacher relationships and to see the classroom ahead of time. Talk about your child and his needs and skills. Share how you like to receive classroom communication(verbally, on a daily, phone call, email, etc.) and what level of detail is important to you.

babies playingRequest a gradual transition into toddler care. Whenever possible, it is better if your toddler can gradually ease into her new room. That said, it was important to follow your child’s lead. Some children have trouble going back and forth and the program should be flexible enough to adjust as needed.

It is important to give yourself and your child a chance to get comfortable with the toddler classroom and to bond with the new teachers. This process won’t always happen instantly. Give time for the new relationships to develop among you, your child and the new caregiver as you all adjust to a different style.

What to expect in the Classroom

Toddler classrooms have the reputation of being bustling and busy with children trying out their newly acquired skills of walking, climbing, and saying “no.” The infant room is more of a room with soft music and lighting, sleeping babies on their tummies on mats reaching for toys.

baby playingSome physical changes may accompany your child’s transition to the toddler room. Depending on your child’s center, the transition may also mean less reliance on bottles, more use of cups, and use of pacifiers. These are good topics to discuss with your child’s new teacher prior to the transition to toddler care.

Here at Akeba we try to communicate with the parents and acknowledge the milestone of “moving up”. As with many transitions, the more communication you can have is with your toddlers teacher. Give us a call today at 912-289-2725!

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