Why Are Parent-Teacher Meetings Important

It’s important to hold a meeting that provides you an opportunity to have an uninterrupted communication with your child’s teacher. Though it is brief, but this one-on-one session may build the foundation for your kid’s entire academic year. It helps to build a rapport while developing a common goal in order to make sure your child enjoys the best school experience.

It builds a partnership

Parent-teacher meetings help to build partnerships between the parents and teachers that becomes a vital aspect of your kid’s academic and social goals. Through these meetings, teachers would introduce parents with their teaching methods along with the classroom rules both through orientation as well as in written. You can contribute by elaborating about your kid’s at-home activities, hobbies, likes and dislikes. This becomes important for an overall success of your kid’s school life. You must also explain your kid’s style of learning, completing the homework. Let the teacher know that you appreciate their efforts in the form of written notes, and other teaching skills. This positive feedback will encourage them more while they will know that you value their hard work.

Make a plan

If your kid suffers from learning difficulties, parent-teacher meetings are useful in developing a plan with the teacher in order to ensure your kid’s academic success. The teacher may hold an extra tuition, and additional homework to make the kid’s come out of learning disabilities. Advanced kids can take up extra projects or extra-curricular activities in order to eliminate the boredom.

Collecting the information

Scheduling a meeting your kid’s teacher will help in exchanging the information about your kid’s academic performance along with social development. This will guide the teacher to know about the assistance and guidance that your child needs. You can list down all the queries about their studies and other activities in order to make most of the time decided for the meeting. Also, ask your kid how he/she feels about school, if there are any difficulties they face, and let the teacher know about this.

Akeba Academy will be hosting an open house on August 15, 2015. This will give parents and teachers a chance to meet and discuss what’s best for the child.

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