Your Child’s Day Care Backpack

Transitioning from having your infant at home to packing him or her up for day care is stressful enough without worrying about forgetting to stuff something essential. It’s advisable to label each and everything starting from underwear to diaper cream, as well as blankets and stuffed animals, since so many children bring the same items.

What to Pack
Changes of clothes and sealable bags: No matter what the age, every child should come prepared with spare clothes, especially during toilet training.

Diapers: If your kids are still wear diapers, without fail send enough diapers, baby wipes and diaper rash cream to suffice for a change at least every two hours.
Food: What food to give depends mainly on the age and requirements of each child. Pack enough milk and baby food to get your child through the day. Include sippy cups, healthy snacks and finger foods for older babies.

Comfort items: Pack a blanket, pacifier, teether, and stuffed soft toys with a crib sheet and blanket for their nap time so that your little one can peacefully wind down.
Weather-appropriate clothing and protection: Provide swaddling blankets for infants and jackets, sunblock, swimsuits for older kids if your facility offers water play.
What Not to Pack

Toys: Many children at this age don’t know how to share. If children need their loveys to sleep with, these items can stay in backpacks. Specific type of toys such as play guns, water guns etc. should stay out of day care.

Junk food behind: The other kids get really upset and often cry when they see another kid with a cupcake, cookie, or some other special snacks and do not have one for themselves.
Fancy clothes: Leave dressy clothes, plastic and dress up shoes at home. Make kids wear shoes they can comfortably run and play in.

Medication: Provide medicines for teething, allergies or fever, also, well instruct your childcare provider how to use it. Do not put any medications or vitamins in lunch bags or backpacks as other kids may get a hold of them.

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